Transformative line Kaora Sandara Jewelry

A stunning piece of Kaora Sandara jewelry, featuring a unique transformative line design.

The line Kaora Sandara Jewelry is designed to help energy and transformation. It consists of silver made in the codes of sacred geometry, presented in the form of pendants, earrings or pendants on necklaces, necklaces and bracelets. Also in the line of products are in direct contact and influence the top four chakras: tiara at the crown chakra and third eye rims the crystal ball for the throat chakra necklaces and pendants for the heart chakra, which are tools for meditation, spiritual and esoteric practices. Complete line of rings with stones spherical and bracelets with semiprecious stones. Codes of sacred geometry, which became the basis for the creation of jewelry pieces, are the result of Channeling - a special meditative process that allows information to make the highest order. Codes contain a unique energy charge and have a high frequency vibration. They are a message from the heavenly spheres, which received a form of code, and constant wear can have a positive transformative impact on various aspects of life: to help in the accumulation of vital energy, success, perfect health and well-being, finding love and union with the Divine help to cleanse the energy, have function of energy security. Codes also have the function of energy security, promote spiritual and personal growth, gradually increase the vibrational level of the owner. Carefully selected for energy minerals in contact with the chakras (sahasrara, ajna, anahata and vishudha) at the level of fine structures, affect the physical and emotional state, his mental activity and even initially laid it abilities, improving and correcting them.  The internal energy of stone is most pronounced in the spherical shape as a perfect geometric figure, amplifying the original specific properties of each. The round shape can be protected from negative energy effects, prevents the loss of energy, and at the same time, attracts positive energy and restores peace of mind, promotes the attainment of inner wholeness. Let Light, Love, Harmony and Peace shine in your heart and your soul, and the angels keep you and help you in life.

With Love and Joy,

Kaora Sandara