Transformative Jewelry | How does it work?

Unlock your creativity with transformative jewelry that can be customized to fit your unique style.

Created through a special meditative process called channeling, About Angels jewelry is designed to bring the highest good to all who wear it. Channeling is a practice of connecting with higher powers and angels to receive answers in the form of visuals, sounds, or other forms. Kaora, the designer of About Angels, channels these energies in places of power around the planet.

Each piece of About Angels jewelry is designed for a specific purpose, and its energy message can be felt through its geometry and the stones used in its construction. It’s similar to homeopathy – with a small daily change in frequency, the general condition of the body can be changed.

Many customers have experienced positive changes after wearing About Angels jewelry, with examples of speedy transformations such as one customer finding her future husband a week after wearing the “Love” code pendant, and gradual changes such as one customer’s newfound respect for herself after wearing the “I’m a Queen” series.

It’s normal to feel discomfort after wearing About Angels jewelry, especially if it’s chosen for a purpose of immersion. Give yourself time and space to accept and recognize the energies. After the creation process, purification and filling of the jewelry with high vibration energy take place. This helps the jewelry item to best serve its purpose and provide help and support in various aspects of existence.