About The Author

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Kaora Sandara is an artist, jewelry designer, and the founder of the About Angels brand. Kaora has dedicated her life to creating transformational tools that help sentient beings in their spiritual development and transition to a newer level of consciousness. She works as a guide to the messages from the Higher Powers, and as a Keeper of Templates of Divine.

In 2006, Kaora embarked on her journey to discover her purpose, a journey that continues until this day. She left her home and moved to India and then to Bali, where she met her teacher, Astrea Sri Ana, and gained the knowledge of her destiny as the Keeper of Templates of Divine.

In 2011, Kaora created her first collection of transformational jewelry, designed to affect the wearer through sacred geometry codes and semi-precious stones. The pieces are designed to raise positive vibrations, protect from negative energy, and provide security and assistance in obtaining information from space. Currently, there are eight collections available, each one created to help people in different aspects of life and awareness.

In addition to her jewelry collections, Kaora also creates paintings and drawings, which are transformational tools intended to help people in their spiritual development. With love, joy, and gratitude, Kaora continues to create, passionate about her mission of providing people with the tools they need to reach higher states of consciousness.


With Love, Joy and Gratitude

Kaora Sandara