For every person walking on the path of spiritual development and self-knowledge, the question of one’s purpose in life is the most important, yet the most difficult. Knowing the reason why you came to this incarnation, understanding the assignment you are intended to accomplish and the mission entrusted to you by the Higher Powers – is a great fortune, blessing and a serious responsibility. Having gained this knowledge, you start to move along the way of realization of your higher task, because you no longer have the internal capabilities of not doing what the all-embracing Power of Love and Light has destined for you.

Six years ago an overwhelming desire for self-change and implementing my inner potential became the main motives for my departure from Russia and the journey that lasts until now. Having an art historian and art critic degree, I had been working for a long time in the area of art business, but always felt an untapped creative potential, the use of which had remained an unsolved mystery that was bothering me for a long time.


   At the present time
I create paintings and drawings, which, in my opinion, are difficult to classify as works of art. They are transformational tools designed to help sentient beings in their spiritual development and implementation of transition to a new level of consciousness. While creating these codes of sacred geometry, I am speaking out not as an artist but as a guide to the messages from the Higher Powers, and as a Keeper of Templates of Divine. 

Last year I have developed a collection of transformative jewelry, applying semi-precious stones of certain vibrations and sacred geometry codes directly on the upper chakras of human body. These ornaments are designed for the reception and transformation of energy, security and assistance in obtaining information from space.

Let Light and Love always surround you, filling up your heart and soul!

With Love, Joy and Gratitude
Kaora Sandara.