The heart chakra that combines two streams of energy – one coming from the earth, the human energy, and another – the divine stream from heaven, male and female energies, yin and yang –  is the most difficult to elaborate. The opening of the heart releases the energy from the experience of the past and directs it to create a new reality, makes it possible to move forward into the fourth dimension, fills up with light itself and the surrounding space, leading to a sense of wholeness and integrity, wisdom and spiritual strength.
All of the artworks from the series «Heart Opening Session» are a result of channeling process and obtained on my request during the meditations. Each code is accompanied by its mantra that is advisable to repeat or sing three times to activate this code for it to work correctly. After that, focus your attention on the image, feeling the energy, frequency, and the information embodied in the code, downloading and filling up the energetic and subtle body with their vibrations.
These eleven paintings represent the following successive stages of the heart opening.