I am eternally grateful to the Higher Powers for guidance, support and the happiness of co-creation, for the incomparable joy of access to the information and vibrations of the Higher Structures, for the transformation of my own life and the ability to work for the benefit of all the sentient beings.

I am immensely grateful to my mother Nadezhda for the unconditional love she 
bestowed on me throughout my life, for her invaluable assistance and support in all 
undertakings, for her understanding and infinite patience.

I am very grateful to my teacher Astra SriAna (www.astreasriana.com) for the received 
knowledge, for her infinite help and support and for the invaluable work she does for humanity.
I am grateful to Norbert Horshman at www.groovygurus.com – the jeweler without the help, talent 
and effort of whom the emergence of transformative line of jewelry About 
Angels would have been impossible to obtain.
I am grateful to the writer Richard Horstmann (www.sihirbali.com) for translating 
this site in English.
I am grateful to my friend, a talented journalist and writer, Aliona Pavlova for 
assistance in setting up the site.

I am grateful to the designer of this website Andrew Reich for the talented realization of my ideas and designs.

Thank you and may the Higher Powers be with You!