Brings success to various aspects of life – business and creative areas, interpersonal communication, etc. It helps dealing productively with any emerging situations, gaining a positive thinking, brings self-confidence. It brings good luck in any outsets and endeavors.

Pa Ra Ta Na Sa Ri Ga To


Helps attracting financial well-being. Brings success in business, also draws an unexpected cash flow. Allows energy of abundance freely fill up your life.

O O O Ai Oya Tia Vita Laa Maa Iya Aah Niiva

Perfect Health

Promotes a gradual recovery and accumulation of vital forces. Balances all systems of the body, awakens its inner protective functions. It is an instrument of positive energy impact on health.

Va La Na Ra Ni Ka Sar Ti Ana Pa Li Oo Na Da Ri Qwi Ni Ana

Life Energy

Contributes to the accumulation of vital energy and strength. Increases efficiency and overall body tone. Brings cheerfulness and positive attitude to life. It’s especially useful during severe physical and mental stress, seasonal fatigue, loss of strength.

Aah Ti Ah Ni Da Laa Vaa Paya Loe Mai Naya Oni Tia Mita


Attracts the energy of love. Helps to find a new love, to strengthen and improve the existing relationship, helps to reveal the heart to unconditional love, directed both to your relatives and closest people and to all human beings in general.

Ai Ae Aoooo Amiya Dia

Energy Cleansing

Helps cleanse the energy field on all levels. Prevents energy loss. It’s a protecting against contamination of the energy.

Va Ni Ana Tia Dita Ombi Lia Kao Ta Do

Connecting with the Divine

Promotes connection with the Higher Realms. Helps gaining a higher degree of awareness and experiencing a non-dual perception. Increases the vibration level. Adjusts one’s mind to lofty thoughts, makes it possible to grasp the Higher Truth.

Sai Alioona Naya Nia Ha Amiya Tioona Diya Alia


It has powerful features of energy protection, prevents the loss of energy due to extraneous impacts, protects from “energy vampires”. By developing of the intuition protects against unforeseen situations and accidents.

Li Ah Ti Ah Ni Da Ma Iyo Sa Maayo