Collection “Eternities” is devoted to the basic key concepts of human existence. These are concepts that form the basis of a genuine self-awareness and perception of the world and bring the greatest happiness to one who has cognized them. It contains pendants “Love” and “Gratitude”, “Compassion” and “Acceptance”, “Inner Truth” and “Here and Now”, a series of “Forgiveness” and “Release”. 

The new code of sacred geometry in this collection – “Trust” primarily designed to help learning to trust the Universe, that will  bring an appearance of people and situations that can be trusted. It also promotes the development and strengthening of confidence in itself, which is an essential prerequisite for any important initiatives, it helps to hear your inner voice and trust your heart.

Series “Be on Earth” and “Earth Star Chakra” help the attainment of a deep connection with the Earth, getting assistance and support of the Earth energy in the physical and material plane. 

Other significant jewelry pieces of this collection – pendants “Frequency Enhancer” and “Master’s Activation”, ring “Inner Peace” and “Self-trust”, a series of “Microcosmos”. Artworks of collection “Eternities” are tools for inner transformation, power objects that can provide help and support on your journey.


Our main inspiration and theme for the new collection, is the image of Angel Wings – a symbol of the guardian angel, the divine helper, who supports us on “The Path”, protecting us and showing us the way. 

There are pendants Angel Wings presented in this collection, with rose quartz, crystal and moonstone spheres; the new shape of Angel Wing rings with a spherical stone, Trinity pendants, a Love ring and earrings with the stone of universal love – rose quartz, in combination with amethyst.

The new sacred geometry code in the collection is the Transition code. This is the code of transfer to a new level of consciousness, particularly important at this stage of evolution. The code assists the energetic and spiritual transformation into the new stage of connection with Divine nature, and also the transformation of the human body, due to its adaptation to new levels of vibration.

The other codes from previous collections All-a-round and Protection now are represented in a gold plated variation. The theme of the seven chakras is represented in a set, that contains a pendant and a ring of 7 Chakras, and also in the earrings Earth Connection made with the stones that influence the 4 lower chakras.

The earrings Earth Connection are an addition to the earrings Star Connection from the previous collection, which are made this time with the ‘new’ range of stones for the 4 upper chakras.Another new interesting item in this collection is the 8 pointed Magic Star – the star of creation, realization and fulfilled dreams, presented in the pendant, earrings and tiara Magic Star.


Designed for energy healing and transformation, it consists of the codes of sacred geometry made of silver and presented in the form of pendants, earrings and pendants for necklaces, beeds and bracelets. “Protection”, “Energy cleansing”, “Love” and “Connecting with the Divine” – these codes supplement the existing “Life Energy”, “Success”, “Perfect Health” and “Abundance” from the previous collection. 

Also “Protection Collection” provides an updated design of jewelry that contacts and influences the top four chakras. Of particular interest are the new form of tiara for the third eye chakra, a combination of stones in the tiaras “The Line” and “The Triangle” for the crown chakra and third eye, and the pendant for the heart chakra in the form of a spiral with a spherical stone in the center, as well as the pendant for the heart chakra with rock crystal. 

The collection has renewed the line of transformative jewellery with the «The Eye» rings carrying spherical stones, designed in the shape of the eye, and the «Dynamic Protection» with movable stones – to create these rings we used a special ocellar onyx that has a strong power of energy security.

In the ring «The Satellite» spherical stone fastened with a thin silver trim. This barely noticeable bracket gives the effect of the stone almost “floating” above the finger. Ring «The Flow», forms of which recall the flow of water, is carrying a round stone, moving freely inside a silver base.


Was also designed using Geometry Codes and made in silver. The Codes “Life Energy”, “Success,” “Perfect Health”, “Fortune” – everyone can choose and use for certain stage of life. 

Collection includes items that contact and influence top four chakras: tiara for the crown chakra and for the third eye (with rock crystal, amethyst, rose quartz, blue topaz, citrine, tourmaline, fire opal, rainbow moonstone), headband with the crystal ball, necklace for the throat chakra with aquamarine and pendant for the heart chakra with prehnite and rock crystal. 

These accessories are supplemented with perfectly matching earrings “Galactic Antenna” created in two versions – with one or three stones (one may choose from amethyst, fire opal, peridot or aquamarine). 

Collection is accomplished with the set of spherical stones rings (moonstone, rose quartz, agate, prehnite, sodalite and turquoise ) and bracelets made of semiprecious stones: rock crystal, amethyst, rose quartz, hematite, smoky quartz, pearl, aventurine, agate, amazonite, beryl, hawlite, garnet.